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I’ve been obsessed with finding better and faster ways for building successful products for over a decade. My learnings and tinkering have led to several popular tools (Lean Canvas, Traction Roadmap, and Customer Forces) and two best-selling books (Running Lean and Scaling Lean) used by over a million people.

The origin story for all my work starts here - typically as a raw idea that iteratively takes shape across multiple articles, talks, workshops, and if all checks out, a product.

You’ll be able to trace the evolution in thinking from past posts and join me in previewing and shaping the future of the Continuous Innovation Framework.

What to expect:

  • Weekly tips, advice, and how-tos for early-stage founders, innovators, and product managers.

  • Mindsets for leveling up your entrepreneurial thinking.

For paying subscribers:

  • A monthly long-form article that goes more in-depth on tactics.

  • A front-row seat on cutting-edge techniques, strategies, and playbooks for building the next generation of products that matter.

  • Early access to new books, tools, and talks.

  • Current books in progress:

    • The Innovator’s Bias (Volume 1) - A novel about getting others to see what you see.

    • Next up: The Innovator’s Gift (Volume 2) - A novel about understanding customers to build what they want.

  • Join in on the conversation, provide feedback, and suggest new topics.

A sampling of past articles

Practice Trumps Theory
What is the Right Fill Order for a Lean Canvas?
A question I get a lot is: Why isn’t the Lean Canvas laid out more logically? Anyone that has attempted to fill one can relate. You have to jump around from box to box in a seemingly random order…
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Practice Trumps Theory
The True Value of Your Time
When I share this quote with others, they appear to get it, but their actions prove otherwise. Most people still value money more than time and make decisions based on the present value of money vs. the future value of their money investment (ROI). This is, not limited to, but is quite prevalent with early-stage entrepreneurs who mistakenly equate bootst…
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Practice Trumps Theory
Test If Your Idea is Worth Pursuing Before Investing Months of Effort
In today's issue, I will show you how to quickly test if an idea is worth pursuing before investing months of effort. Too many entrepreneurs prematurely rush to launch their product, join an incubator/accelerator, or hit the pitching circuit only to realize months (or years) later that they were chasing too small an idea. They waste precious time, money…
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